Enduring Rifts: Chile 40 Years After the Pinochet Coup

Jon Lowenstein and his brother, investigative editor, Jeff Kelly Lowenstein are in Santiago working on a documentary project sponsored by the Pulitzer Center, called Enduring Rifts:Chile 40 years After the Coup.

Together the pair document what's going on in the capitol of Chile during the week leading up to the election. The Project can be seen live from the New Yorker's instagram feed (@newyorkermag), as well as Jon Lowenstein's personal instagram feed (@jonlowenstein). 

Here are a few samples from the Instagram feed. 





36 Hours Till Take off

There's still so much to do in preparation for my flight Wednesday. I feel relaxed. Though the phone's ringing off the hook and my luggage is still in the early stages of completion. I have one conference call after another and my staff smile and stare as I move quickly between the kitchen and living room, carrying a sandwich in one hand and a phone in the other, I call it multitasking.

Finishing my conference calls I move throughout the house assembling the necessary technical accoutrement for my trip: Headphones, audio equipment, film, cameras, the list goes on.

The life of a photographer is filled with abundant pieces of equipment, large bags and only two overhead options.

I look forward to taking off towards a Latin country I've never been to, a sliver of land between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes-The Republic of Chile.